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About Vincent

Film Music – Documentaries – Production

Born in San Francisco, Vincent Orsolini grew up in the south of France where he studied Jazz at a conservatory for 14 years. His passion for music and composition grew exponentially after working with local artists on albums and songwriting, incorporating his jazz roots with other genres spanning from funk, soul, pop and rock.

He pursued his education in sound engineering and sound production where he began working with French and English studios on documentaries, commercials and video game previews. Influenced by his multicultural upbringing, Vincent then moved to the United States, sharing his time between Kansas City and Los Angeles. He began working on projects with local jazz bands in the Kansas City area as well as independent artists writing, composing and arranging music for albums releases.

Vincent’s love for Movies, TV and Multimedia has led him to focus more intensely on soundtrack composing and commercial jingles.He strives to create memorable melodies and is compelled to break boundaries by merging all musical genres, always enthusiastic to start his next collaboration.

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